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Petroff Law Offices, LLC is a growing regional domestic relations law firm located in Downtown Columbus, Ohio. The firm has a regionally known domestic relations practice. Although domestic relations is the historic foundation of the firm, the extensive litigation experience of its attorneys in that discipline has led to a selective expansion of the firm into other practice areas such as Civil Litigation and Traffic Defense. The firm represents individuals, sole proprietors, family businesses, non-profit organizations, and small businesses.


Columbus, Ohio Attorneys Lawyers

Welcome to Petroff Law Offices, LLC

Thank you for considering Petroff Law Offices, LLC for your legal representation. Our attorneys, located centrally in Columbus, Ohio, are committed to providing superior service to our clients and offering extensive experience in a variety of specialized practice areas to both individuals and corporations. Our clients expect prompt, attentive, quality legal work -- and we provide it both efficiently and cost-effectively.

Family Law
Collaborative Law
Pre-Nuptial Agreements
Enforcement of Orders
Family Mediation
Adoption Law
Grandparents' Rights
Child Custody & Support
Post-Decree Matters
Civil / Criminal
Business Formation
Contract Analysis & Negotiation
Real Estate
General Litigation
Traffic Defense / OMVI / OVI

Fluent in Russian
Наша фирма с гордостью обслуживает потребности русской общины по всему штатy Охайо.

140 E. Town Street, Suite 1070
Columbus, OH 43215

Available metered parking directly in front of office.

Please contact our office at the number listed below to schedule an initial consultation.


We currently practice and have handled cases in the following counties highlighted in red below:

Services are available in all 88 Ohio counties.

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